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Football Equipment

We provide most of the equipment players need in a season.
This is a huge advantage that youth football provides over other sports, making it extremely cost-effective, especially with how fast children outgrow their gear!
Equipment is loaned to you for the duration of the season and is included in your registration fee.  You will receive a helmet, shoulder pads, practice jersey, game jersey and game pants.
No equipment will be issued WITHOUT the player being registered in Teamlinkt, our online registration database.

Equipment Deposit

There is a $450 cheque or credit card deposit required at the time of fittings. The deposit is not actually processed/deposited, it is held on file until equipment is returned.
If equipment is not returned by the specified date for your program, the deposit will then be used. If equipment is returned after the due date, your deposit will be returned minus a $100 administration fee.

Personal Items Required for Purchase

You will need to purchase personal gear including cleats, girdle , knee pads, mouth guard and chin strap.
All of these items except cleats are available for sale from our equipment locker-room during equipment fittings.

Used Cleats
We also carry a small inventory of used cleats at our locker-room that are available for purchase.  Prices start at $10 per pair.   Limited sizes available. 

Equipment Locker Room

88 Shoemaker St, Unit 8

Locker-Room Hours
By appointment only.
When we start our programs, we will announce Equipment Fitting Nights by age division.  You will be able to reserve your fitting timeslot.
​​​​​​​ At the conclusion of each season, we will do the same for returns.