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U14 and U16 Winter Skills Training Camp

Starts January 6

Get ready to elevate your football game this winter with our Winter Skills Camp designed exclusively for U14 and U16 Jr Warriors.  
  • Age Groups: U14 (Born 2010, 2011)  and U16 (Born 2008, 2009)
  • Duration: 12 Weeks
  • U14 Schedule: Every Saturday night indoor turf at RIM PARK
  • U16 Schedule: Twice weekly:  Wednesday night gymnasium at St John elementary and Saturday at RIM Park indoor turf

Registration FEE
U14  $225
U16 $250
No Equipment Needed
This camp is non-padded, so players DO NOT need helmets or shoulder pads.
Athletes just wear regular athletic gear, cleats and mouthguard.

Our Winter Skills Camp is your best opportuntiy to enhance fundamental football skills, focusing on positional development crucial for success on the field.
Whether you're a football rookie or more experienced,  this camp is your ultimate preparation for the upcoming Spring tackle or flag season.

  • Maintain Fitness  Staying active in the off-season lays the foundation for better performance in the Spring
  • Skill Refinement: Without the constraints of full contact, players can concentrate on refining their techniques, honing fundamental skills, and improving positional play. This focused training helps players become more proficient in executing plays and enhances their overall football IQ.

Questions?  Please email our Spring Football Director Andrew Smith

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